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About Thornwood Equine

Thornwood Equine


Thornwood Equine PC was established in the fall of 2000 by Duane Fitzgerald, DVM. The practice grew from a part-time ambulatory service to a full-time practice in two short years and has continued to evolve each year with new staff and veterinarians. Our office is located at 840 Montcalm NE Lowell, MI 49331, although 90% of our work is performed at various client-owned farms within a 60 mile radius. (May go further call for details). We cater to all clientele, from the professional horseperson to the miniature horse pet in the back yard. We strive in every way to provide exceptional services to our clients and provide the latest diagnostic equipment and treatment modalities to our patients. We are committed hugely to continuing education and evolving into the best veterinary practice that we can be.