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Meet Minis on a Mission at Most High Barn in Ada!


If you need a MIRACLE or lost your FAITH and have no JOY, there is HOPE at Most High Barn!

God's MERCY endures forever and His LOVE never fails!

 From the moment a horse or any animal is brought on the scene, tender moments will surely occur.  Hearts are open to receive the unconditional love of God and they will never be the same.

Minis on a Mission, with Joy to the World allows us great opportunities to share the heart of God with the community around us with Miracle, Faith, Joy, Hope, Mercy and Love.  Most High Barn sits on 17 acres with a Victorian home and wrap-around porch.  They host birthday parties, schools and church events during the months April through October.  Julie and Joy travel together on the road in her cargo van bringing Hope and Joy to all they meet, making house calls to sick, walking in parades, visiting nursing homes, churches and business. Whether you come to the property or you meet them out on the road, it is her prayer that she will be able to minister and touch lives in the same way God has miraculously touched hers.

 Founder Julie Nance Morrison left her career at Amway Corporation in 1994 to pursue full time ministry after ten years in Telecommunications.  She returned to Ada in 1999 to establish Most High Barn, a Prayer and Healing Home for Christian Business Owners and Ministers of the Gospel.  She also travels and Ministers in prayer in the marketplace and sells her books and products: Cling to Your Confession, which are in homes across the U.S. and sold in some of the largest ministries across the country.

Julie sits under the leadership of Pastor Johna and Lisa Prominski of Resurrection Life Church in Ionia, Michigan.

Most High Barn, Inc. is a 501-C3 non-profit organization supported by ministry and business partners. Dollars sown into Most High Barn are precious lives that will be transformed by the love and miracle power of God.