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EIA Testing (Coggins):


This is a simple, inexpensive blood test that identifies horses that are infected with a rare viral disease called Equine Infectious Anemia. Results can be available in as little as 24 hours, but typically it takes 7-10 days for standard EIA test results. There are governing laws which vary state by state and international laws as well mandating testing and certain intervals. Each state's Department of Agriculture websites should have specific information regarding individual laws. Below is an exerpt from MichiganDA website and several links below for those who would like to learn more.


MI horse owners will now have until April 30, 2002 to get a one-time mandatory EIA test of their horses. Due to the one-time mandatory test, annual testing is no longer required and the provision requiring a negative EIO test prior to travel on or by a public roadway has been removed. Changes in the requirement will help MI horse owners more easily comply with the law and help ensure that Michigan's equine population is protected against this disease.”


Other provisions in the law, except for foals under six months of age and nursing, include:


Equine entering MI from another state must test neg for EIA prior to entry within the current calendar year. (Current calendar year is defined as Dec 1 through the end of the next Dec 31.)


Equine entered into fairs, exhibitions or similar events must test neg for EIA prior to the event...


Equine entered into sales or auctions or changing owner must test neg for EIA prior to the event...


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Please click here to visit the MDA website concerning EIA- www.michigan.gov/mda


To obtain full requirements of Michigan's EIA law- click here