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Thornwood Equine


Preventative Health Care:


  • Immunizations
  • Fecal examinations: parasites and sand
  • Coggins(EIA) testing
  • Progressive dentistry




  • Comprehensive lameness workups
  • Diagnostic nerve and joint blocks
  • Digital four probe Ultrasound (MyLab5)
  • Digital Radiography (Eklin)
  • Shock Wave Therapy (EMS Dolorclast)
  • PRP, Stem Cell, and IRAP therapy
  • Mesotherapy
  • Hoof Balance consultation


Prepurchase Examinations:

  • Comprehensive performance horse evaluations
  • On-site radiography available


Upper Airway Endoscopy

Reproductive Services

  • Artificial Insemination with cooled/frozen semen
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Pregnancy Ultrasound with Color Flow Doppler
  • Transabdominal fetal Ultrasounds in late gestation
  • Pre- and post- natal care of mare and foal




Most surgical procedures, other than castrations and flexor tenotomies, are currently referred to MSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

where a Board Certified Surgeon and Anesthesiologist will care for your surgical needs.